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I'm an 18 year old Scottish lass, and this is a fandom blog. I have many fandoms, most of which are detailed in my About Me section below. Some of those fandoms however, I'm not so into nowadays, they were just the fandoms I was well into as of writing/updating the section, but it's got the gist of the fandoms. As for current fandoms, I tend to reblog those a lot, so just look to the more recent pages for current fandoms. I like to think I'm a friendly person, so don't be afraid to talk to me. Please start the conversation tho, cause I'm also sort of nervous if I'm honest.

I’m always open to hearing other people’s mirror world headcanons, like for other league members, characters in other regions, or even anime characters of the day.

Because I really like the mirror world and potential it has. It’s definitely my favourite filler episode and I’m all over headcanons and fanfics and fanart for the mirror world.

And my blog has now gotten a much needed revamp, with a new theme which should hopefully be more user and iPad friendly.

The latter being a necessary thing for myself, the iPad user.

I also prefer the look and colour scheme in general; a lot brighter and more pastel. I like pastel. :3

The font should also be easier on the eyes and any formatting I’ve done.

Yay. :D

Regular headcanon/mirror world headcanon: Viola’s probably very camera shy, which is probably one reason why she prefers being behind the lens.

Mirror!Viola would probably be the opposite tho; very confident and poser like in front of a camera. She likes to show off, and much like regular Viola, involves Bug pokemon in her pictures.

Anonymous: Emma and Clemont, and the other can't be in the the list.

That’s cruel. ;3; But okay then. :”D

I have to be brutally honest, I don’t ship Emma with anyone other than Clemont. :”D

Now him on the other hand, I multiship like hell. XD

I ship him with anime!Serena (Not so much gameverse), Korrina, Ash, Siebold, a liiiitle bit with Grant cause a friend got me into that, and while it probably isn’t a proper ship with me yet, I do have a soft spot for him with Elesa. :”D

Multiship the nerd dork. o/

Multishipper Challange


Send me a character and i’ll tell you at least two characters I ship them with

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I can’t help but be amused how loads of people during the early days of the XY anime were complaining how they wouldn’t be able to make movies due to a lack of legendaries
And yet here we are
A fair few legendaries - and Megas, since they’re being featured as well - still to be showcased, and the bare minimum for each anime!gen is 3 movies


By シロウ