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So I finished this right after ORAS was revealed!!!

The only background i could give for ORAS is that mural :/


I can’t wait for the new pokemon to come out!!! I pre-ordered sapphire and my roommate pre-ordered ruby!


A random Mega Gallade comic

BW-shared verse headcanon: I imagine the city being spilt down the middle, and is half White!Opelucid (The older, more history based/focused city) and half Black!Opelucid (urbanised and technologically advanced.

Of course, it’d be a gradual shift in the city, not like suddenly, older city, then new city.

Alternatively, it could be done like cities in real life; mostly modernised but with lots of older building dotted amongst the centre then getting older around the outskirts of the city. Either way, it’s some sort of merge that just seems to work, idk

3 days till referendum day


Big decisions must be made

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous

I think I’ve finally sorted out the kinks in the fic.
The minor ones at least, the ones that bugged me.

So hopefully, I should be able to start now.

Gonna try and write a few chapters before I even begin thinking of publishing, so then I know I’m prepared, and I don’t have to worry about writer’s block ever hitting me and postponing the publishing of a chapter.

I guess further details will have to come once the fic starts getting publish.

But I hope anyone who’s interested is looking forward to this.

And I also hope I’ll be able to handle this, cause I can’t always handle big projects.

*crosses fingers*

*then uncrossed cause she needs to write lol*

I’ll just tag these ramble/update posts as “relationship fix fic” for easy findings on my blog now, if I ever feel like rambling via tumblr.

So I’ve already hit a snag via planning.

First off, a friend suggested using both player characters, which makes starting the friendship easier (Y’know, Cheren be friends with Hilbert and Bianca be friends with Hilda), and then further suggested that they be twins. So another reason why the two would hang out together.

Also, it means that I can avoid shipping and keep it purely friendship. *ChessShipper yo*

But, like I said, I’ve hit a snag.

Because featuring both Hilbert and Hilda means that there’s four of them.
Four starting trainers.
And only three starters.

So I’m not entirely sure how to do this…

glassesrink: Clemont and Emma from Pokemon and a little bit of Yang from RWBY ovo

Message me with a character that you associate me with.

My shipping tendancies are that obvious? :”’D

Message me with a character that you associate me with.


A character that makes you think of me every time, any fandom, original character, whatever!

So I might attempt it.
The relationship fix fic between Cheren and Bianca. Because I really want to do it.

But I’ve got to think of things.

Like for starters, proper interaction between the two. I might have to go as far back as their actual childhood in order to establish the friendship from there.
Then make present day stuff (i.e. the events of Black and White, and maybe Black2 and White2 if I want to go that far) a way of showing how well that friendship has developed.

Then other, more meta stuff.

Like, again, do I make this a multi chapter fic thing?
Or a collection of connected oneshots?

Which protag should I feature?
Hilbert or Hilda?
Or do I feature both?
Or do I alternate who stars between each chapter/oneshot?