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I'm an 18 year old Scottish lass, and this is a fandom blog. I have many fandoms, most of which are detailed in my About Me section below. Some of those fandoms however, I'm not so into nowadays, they were just the fandoms I was well into as of writing/updating the section, but it's got the gist of the fandoms. As for current fandoms, I tend to reblog those a lot, so just look to the more recent pages for current fandoms. I like to think I'm a friendly person, so don't be afraid to talk to me. Please start the conversation tho, cause I'm also sort of nervous if I'm honest.


I’ve read the subway scene now

First off

Fuck this manga and its characters for toying with my emotions so easily

I think I ship AgencyShipping as well as ChessShipping now

Third, if I see anyone using the manga version of the Ferris wheel scene as evidence for FerrisWheelShipping is I’ll lose it big time cause it is a pretty anti-ship heavy scene and FerrisWheelShipping ain’t even the ship name for White and N.

We clear?

I’m already thinking of fanfic opportunities the mirror world could have


Mirror!Gym leaders

Character dynamics like

Is Mirror!DiodeShipping a thing why is mirror!Serena so hard on Mirror!Satoshi? Is she a genuine jerkass or is she doing it to toughen him up? What about Mirror!Meyer and Mirror!Sycamore and just

Mirror!Team Rocket too what’s the deal with them?!

I’m in too deep here fuck
So many ideas and possibilities

Don’t send help
Join me

Mirror!Clemont’s deeper voice hnnnnnnng

Mirror!Clemont tho

He’s athletic
And magical

I’m torn now between my unfit science-y minded nerd dork and magical nerd dork hnnnnnnng

Just out of curiosity

Does anyone know if the raws of the latest episode would be uploaded yet?
I know it’s still really soon after the episode has aired but yeah

Alternatively, if it hasn’t been uploaded yet
Roughly when and on what site would they be on?

Because I need this episode, raw, subbed or dubbed

Another reason why I need XY anime episode 37;

Mirror!Serena is a badass who actually fights, if I’m assuming correctly from the Serebii pics

Because Imma be honest, I’m not a fan of anime!Serena’s passive personality where she barely fights, and when she does fight she either does jack or gets knocked out easily.

Mirror!Ash is tugging at my heart strings and I’m so far limited to just the Serebii episode pics



I’ve finally gotten to reading the BW arc of PokeSpe, and I’ve reached Burgh’s gym battle.

Can I just

I love how Black tries to avoid using Tep in battle so he won’t evolve. Because it would upset White.

The AgencyShipping is strong here Jesus

Second most canon Special ship after FranticShipping


KuroShipping oneshot I wrote on request for a friend ages back only now being posted to FFNet.

I really want to write more ElectricDetectiveShipping because it gives the ship more recognition

But I’m currently in a bad state with real life, plus a pretty bad case of writer’s block and just

I love this ship and I want to provide but I just can’t right now because reasons, one of which me being bitter that I’m the only one providing