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I'm an 18 year old Scottish lass, and this is a fandom blog. I have many fandoms, most of which are detailed in my About Me section below. Some of those fandoms however, I'm not so into nowadays, they were just the fandoms I was well into as of writing/updating the section, but it's got the gist of the fandoms. As for current fandoms, I tend to reblog those a lot, so just look to the more recent pages for current fandoms. I like to think I'm a friendly person, so don't be afraid to talk to me. Please start the conversation tho, cause I'm also sort of nervous if I'm honest.

I don´t love my followers because they follow me


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RoiNoirShipping fanfic

Title: Games Boys Play

Anything of particular mention: No PokéAU, meta fic, slash fic, also I outright use the term boyfriend, so this is an established relationship, though I haven’t written a fic establishing the relationship (yet)

Hilbert and Calem both playing pokémon games
And each having an ironic preference for games from their own gens

Incoming RoiNoirShipping one shot~

Just gotta post it to ffnet and we good!

More drunk!protag headcanons

May and Hilda are both the types that become really loud and overly friendly when they’re drunk, though with a slight difference in each; May gets all up in the personal space and very cuddly, while Hilda when things get really wild, turns violent almost. Almost; she’s more threatening than anything, all like “You wanna go, bitch!”

It never gets too far anyway, since at least one or two people stay sober enough to hold her back.

And Red would be the type to fall asleep after a certain amount of drinks.

Random headcanon
Calem is a giggly yet flirty drunk

Edit/update: As a way to try and prove he’s not drunk, cause he insists he’s not, he starts spouting a load of French, but no-one else in the group knows French aside from Serena, Shauna and the boys, so nobody knows if any of what he’s saying is even being pronounced right or if it even makes any sense.

That moment when a friend says they really dislike a ship you ship and you suddenly feel awkward for shipping it, as much as you love it and can’t stop ;3;

Summary of sports anime: everyone is gay unless they actively seek out someone of the opposite gender, not that that will stop the fandom



a summary of gay swimmers: the return

The accuracy of this is fucking killing me

Fun fact, I tend to rely on my iPad’s autocorrect feature quite heavily

For example, if I happen to write thong instead of thing, it’ll fix it

Unfortunately, it also changes things I’d rather it didn’t, depending on what I’m writing

Like changing hell in to he’ll

More doodle doodles. Still just random characters I slapped together, though the girl in the middle looks an awful lot like Hatsune Miku…

Also, bobbed hair girl returns!

The close up shots are the ones I liked best and thought looked most decent.